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As a consultant specializing in management, communication, and assessment, I assist individuals and companies plan, execute, and evaluate projects and present themselves and their work to their various publics -- clients, customers, colleagues, peers, and competitors.

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If you need  a senior manager, project director, or management consultant in the profit or not-for-profit worlds, I bring the experience of over 20 years as Executive Director of the Partnership for Community Health, a 501(c)(3) health care consultancy, and over 10 years as Director or Marketing, Research, and Development at a major International Financial Services Company.

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Process and outcome assessment and evaluation measures the effectiveness and efficiency of programs or interventions and highlights factors contributing to positive or negative outcomes. Assessment and evaluation work best when there are clear and measurable goals and benchmarks (objectives).  Ideally they are anticipated when the program is designed along with their appropriate measurement.  Assessment may also measure unintended consequences of programs and interventions.

I have considerable expertise in designing all phases of assessment and evaluation.  Ideally I work with project teams during the design of the project to develop the appropriate on-going data collection during the project. However, I also work with organizations to conduct assessment during different phases of the project using different indicators for process and outcome evaluation.  The steps involved include (click on step below for greater detail and examples of work):

Asking the right question is the first challenge in conducting effective research. It focuses the inquiry and suggests the relationships between the predictors (independent) and outcome (dependent) variables. I help clients refine their research questions and select the most cost-effective research methods to answer them.

I work with clients on all phases of research (click on step below for greater detail and examples of work):

I assists organizations with development and fund raising by writing proposals and working with donors, lists, and special events.  In response to RFPs, I help organizations conceptualize programs and bring planning and budgeting processes to proposal writing. The end result is a well-constructed proposal that includes detailed program objectives linked to program activities and budgets that provide the foundation for ongoing monitoring of the proposed projects.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  I add video and graphic presentations for businesses or personal use.  For business presentations, data is summarized into graphic charts or compelling video presentation that make it more accessible and can hold the interest of viewers.  For individuals I take achieves of pictures or videos and edit them into a movie or slide show to share with family and friends.  I am proficient in (click on example below to see examples):

     Your website is a powerful portal for displaying and selling your products and services or communicating with colleagues and friends.  This site is a good example of the types of sites I develop.  It is based on Drupal, an open source content management system (CMS).  It is customized to the user.  The general public sees a basic view.  Clients sign-in to see content specialized to their needs.  Friends and family have access to password protected content and can catch up on our household through a calendar, pictures, and video.

     I can help you design and manage a site to fit your unique needs.  It can be a passive site where you present yourself to your publics, or it can be an active site where you communicate and customize the site for your different audiences.  Let's talk about your website needs.

     This website is one example of a Drupal site I developed by customizing a theme and using several Drupal modules for social networking, blogging, limiting access to content, and incorporating other services such as Google calendar, Picasa, Flickr, Scribed, and SlideShare.  Javascript is used for slideshows, accordion menus, and carousel views.

     To see an example of how a website can be customized for an artist, see  Its simple look belies the many different ways images are presented.  Imagecache is used to resize and crop images.  A combination of slide shows and lighthouse effects allow the viewer to see Installations and drawings. is an example of a website for a Community Association.  It's public face is relatively simple, but includes a link to a Google calendar and other features.  Once an Association member logs in, h/she has a number of expanded options.  Contact me for information about this limited access by login feature.

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